Friday, 20 December 2013

Ethos QX130 Affordable Remote Control Quadcopter with Stunning Video & Fun Accessories

The Ethos QX130 is a RTF (Ready-To-Fly) aircraft, so the lightweight and durable airframe arrives 100% factory-assembled and everything needed to fly is in the box, including AA batteries for the 2.4 GHz technology equipped full-size 4-channel transmitter, a 500mAh 1S 3.7V LiPo battery and an AC charger for convenient charging from almost any outlet. 
With nothing extra to buy to get in the air, you can be flying within minutes of opening the box.

If you are ready to multiply your quadcopter fun, the Ares Ethos QX 130 is the quad for you. You'll enjoy flying the QX 130 because it's equipped with an advanced 3-axis gyro and 3-axis accelerometer control system that offers both agile flight and maximum stability out of the box. When you add Ares' exclusive software package to the mix, both first-time and experienced pilots will feel like they are "flying on rails". 

The QX 130 even comes with an integrated LED light system controlled from the transmitter that makes it visible when flying in the dark!

Multiple Fun Accessories, Including a Digital Camera (sold seperately)
Upgrade your Ethos QX 130 with the optional high-resolution digital camera with 60 frames per second to capture stunning in-flight video and 'still' shots.

 a rocket launcher that shoots plastic missiles (sold seperately)

A winch that tests your flight skills as you try to attach, lift and carry a payload of your choice.

A water blaster squirt gun (sold seperately)

a bubble machine that puts out a trail of bubbles as you fly (sold seperately)

Another fun feature is the innovative "Automatic Flip Mode" that allows nearly anyone to perform 360° flips in any direction with just the push of a button. 

The QX 130 is also large and powerful enough to fly outdoors in winds up to 7 to 10 mph, while still small enough to fly comfortably indoors.$9micro-ethos-qx130-rtf-quad-ready$9to$9fly-quadcopter

What's in the Box
1x Ethos QX 130
1x 4-Channel 2.4GHz Transmitter
AA batteries for the Transmitter
1x 500mAh 1S 3.7V LiPo Battery
1x AC Charger

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Forces of Valor - Toys with Attitude for Children and Adults Alike 
Hobbies are pleased to introduce Forces of Valor. A range of Real World Battle Hardened Machines. whose logo is 'Tons of Steel with Tons of Detail'. This impressive range includes die cast tanks, ships, airplanes, helicopters, trucks, jeeps & soldiers are the ultimate grown-ups toys. 

Many adults can recall playing soldiers and war games as children, and this will bring back some great memories of those days, albeit with super tough metal, incredibly detailed replica models that can be purchased singly, or buy several to create superb dioramas and displays$925j-mitchell-1$172nd-scale-die-cast-model
Our North American B-25 Mitchell bomber is an incredibe model of the twin-engine plane used in World War II. It was named in honor of General Billy Mitchell who was a pioneer of US military aviation. It has hand-applied weathering that highlights access panels and surface details bringing great realism to this model.$370-personnel-carrier$3g-tank-die-cast-model
 The German Panther AUSF.G is an incredible 1:35 scale detailed replica model constructed of both die cast metal and plastic. With moveable parts such as opening hatches, elevating barrels, tracks that roll and a rotating turret, as well as working treads, accurate markings and insignias this is a model that will impress.$1700th-scale-die-cast-model

Friday, 8 November 2013

Parents 'Not Playing With Their Children Enough' - Hobbies offer a Solution

Recent News reports have suggested that most parents of young children worry that they do not spend enough time playing with them, according to a survey.
More than 6 out of 10 parents say they play with their children only occasionally, and 1 in 6 fathers say they do not know how to.
The survey of 1,600 parents of children under the age of ten was conducted for toy company Playmobil.

It found that more than 9 out of 10 parents buy electronic toys for their children, but a third of mothers admitted to being baffled by children's high-tech gadgets and games.

Hobbies offer the perfect solution for parents who are looking to spend quality fun & educational time with their children.

The latest Hobbies 2014 Handbook offers Great Value Model Trains, Cars and Planes to build and play with, as well as Dolls Houses to furnish and decorate.

Take the children to the local Boating Pond to sail a traditional wooden yacht
or in the back garden with a Ready-to-run Remote Control Tank with Battle Effects and which can fire BB Pellets.
or to the park to fly a Balsa rubber-powered model plane that you've constructed yourselves. Watch these incredible planes soar into the sky.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

San Francisco Cable Car - An Impressive Wood & Metal 1:24 Scale Model from Occre

San Francisco’s cable cars are an important icon of the city, and anyone visiting or holidaying in San Francisco will have treasured memories of riding the picturesque cable cars up and down the hilly streets.

The first cable cars of this kind were brought into operation in London and, many years later, on 2nd August 1873, Andrew S. Hallidie introduced the first San Francisco cable car, on the Clay Street line.
136 years later these attractive vehicles are still running on the streets of San Francisco and form an essential part of the city’s daily life.

The system is based on a cable that is pulled at a constant velocity, along the whole route, by a stationery engine. The cable car starts to move when a device, called a grip, is engaged under pressure to the cable. By loosening this grip, and at the same time applying the breaks, the car is brought to a halt.

These days there are only two fleets still in service. One of these is Powell-Hyde and Powell-Mason, while the other is California Street.

Hobbies are pleased to offer OcCre's impressive 1/24 scale San Francisco cable car wood and metal model kit, which contains all the parts necessary for you to create an accurate replica.

The models' dimensions:   length: 395mm  x  width: 107mm  x  height: 160mm

Laser cut wooden parts make up the body and interior. Fine African walnut strips cover the roof & platforms.

Wheels, brakes, bumper supports and stops, headlight, leaf rings and steering wheels and other small parts are precision cast white metal.

The comprehensive photographic instructions included with each kit make building the model easy and hugely enjoyable.

The Occre model is a reproduction of car No. 60, of the California Street fleet, built by MUNI (San Francisco Municipal Railway) in 1998 this car was brought into service in 2002.

This car is based on the original model, built by John Hammond & Company for the California Street Cable Railroad Company, back in 1906.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Introducing the Sparkling World of Sequin Art !!!

Sequin Art consists of brightly coloured sequins, pins, flocked board and a polystyrene frame.
Initially Sequin Art was considered more suitable for children. However, adults became interested in the product thus creating a new market within the craft industry.

 Produce exciting sequin pictures by simply placing the velvet design on the frame and attaching the sequins to complete this vibrant product. 


A new variation has now been launched! Sequin & Bead Art is an original product following in the Sequin Art range and sold each year in increasing number.


Thousands of Sequin Art are sold each year in the UK and overseas with sales rising strongly year on year! It's great, it's fun and most of all a sense of achievement is had by all.

Our Rock Angel Manga Chick and Hello Kitty Gothic are amongst some of our newest and most popular Sequin Art Picture Kits.

Many new ideas and innovations have been further developed within the Sequin Art range in recent years. These include Silhouettes which give a silhouette shape against a brightly coloured background, and Sequin Art Junior for the younger generation with easy to follow printed layouts and with even more choice in designs for the Sequin Bead Art which are being developed all the time

Over the years Sequin Art has developed and has it's own unique image with an increasingly strong following. Innovative designs have been added, with different images for example 3-D Sequins. These consist of a polystyrene model whereby coloured sequins and pins are attached to create a three dimensional figure. The feeling is of accomplishment and satisfaction, both unique and addictive.