Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Building a Model of the Ulises Ocean Going Steam Tug

Creating a 1:30 scale model of the Ulises ocean-going steam tug may seem a daunting task, but Occre have provided a model kit with high quality parts and beautifully detailed instructions which just add to the enjoyment of building this impressive model.
The Occre Ulises ocean going steam tug model boat kit is a medium difficulty kit so some previous knowledge of model ship building might be required.
Follow the comprehensive step-by-step instructions and immerse yourself in this fascinating and enjoyable hobby, replicating a model which is faithful to the original tug boat, even down to the finest of details.

With the addition of the optional RC pack & motor kit, the Occre Ulises can be made as a radio controlled model.
Now this is a model that will turn heads and get people talking at the boating lake.

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