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Cake Decorating is taking off at Hobbies

Cake Craft at Hobbies

Burgundy Piping on a Cream Ready to Roll Icing
With the increased popularity of cooking and baking shows on TV, cake craft is slowly becoming more popular than ever, and at Hobbies we are adding more products to our range to help cater for this.

Cassie Brown Airbrush and Compressor Kit + Free DVD

There are many ways to decorate your cake and the Cassie Brown airbrush set is a great place to start and the free instructional DVD is a very helpful too, giving you ideas and tips to make your first adventure into cake decorating hopefully an enjoyable experience. 

Cake Craft

Tips For Cake Success 


The main ingredient to a successful cake is the sponge underneath, no matter how fancy the decoration is the cake needs to be right.

All these cake use a simple Victoria Sponge recipe with a Jam and Butter Icing filling, this light sponge makes a great tasting cake that pleases all crowds whether its for a retirement party (left) or just fancy birthday cakes (above and below).
Retro 80's Rubix Cube Cake


Secondly ready-to-roll icing is one of the best coverings to create a smooth base to work from, especially if you are airbrushing on a design of your own. 

For the smoothest results, cover the sponge with 2 layers of butter icing, setting each layer in the fridge for 30 mins to an hour, before covering with ready to roll icing.

Get the colours right as they go a long way to giving your cake a wow factor. This can be seen in the cakes shown in this blog.

Be Creative

The best way to make any cake look stylish and amazing is just simply be creative. Take inspiration from the internet or books. Pinterest has become very popular lately and is very useful to get amazing ideas from. 

Cake Support

Now making multiple layer cakes does require some minor engineering skills as they get heavy with all the icing on them.

Every cake will need a baseboard too which can be easily hidden with icing and ribbons, all the cake used here so far have baseboards between the individual cakes that make the finished product.

To support these cakes you will need to run plastic rods through the cake to support each layer, otherwise the top cake will sink into the cake below ruining the final product.

You can also choose to use a Madeira sponge as it is a stronger sponge to build with but  it doesn't taste as good as a Victoria Sponge. It will still need support if using many layers.


Enjoy the cake creating process and all the compliments that people will give you. Everyone likes cake! Make your cakes for any occasion, no need to go over the top with too many layers or different colours.  Try to practice your skills in certain areas and soon you will be able to make show-stopping cakes that will be the talk of your friends and family for weeks to come.

The Climber Cake 

The following cake was made for my birthday and depicted a typical climbing scene and terrain. With many layers of cake under the weight of all the icing. It tasted amazing and provided a challenge to cutting the cake in order to serve it.

Climbing cake many layers and colours
Many hours of work went into making this awesome cake, there are eight layers covered with a ready-to-roll icing that was marbled to give it the rock colour of the mountain. 

The sponge was a Victoria sponge and this was held together by many long plastic rods and cocktail sticks to keep the structure standing and the people on the rock face.

The figures were made from icing too, and stuck together with sugar glue and cocktail sticks. and crafted to give the basic hair detail. See cake craft tools 

All in all there are many different skills used making this cake above and also many other ways this can be achieved especially using the Cassie Brown airbrush set to create the rock face colours and detail. Also using sugarcraft to create the figures and additional details.

Cake craft is a fun and growing hobby that allows for individuals to be as creative as they want to be. It is great for all the family to get involved and should not just be for special occasions. There is a world of designs and ideas out there, so get creative and make something tasty.

If you can think it, then you might just be able to create it, the only way to be certain is to try and if it all goes wrong never mind as you'll still be left with a cake at the end of the day.

However if you do make it work then you will have a fantastic cake like the ones above to admire and then share with your friends, family or work colleagues. 

What are you waiting for ? Get in the kitchen and start creating!

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