Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Hobbyzone Workshop Benchtop Organizer Review

Looking around my garage, I've got tools in a few cardboard boxes, there are screws in grubby Dolmio jars, and even an old bedside table stuffed with anything and everything imaginable (is that my old stylophone?). The point is, I've got a lot of odds and sods. However, for me, the fun begins  when I need to find something, like a 3 amp fuse, or a small drill bit, or even my brand new round nose pliers. Invariably I end up spending an hour rummaging and hunting through everything, getting covered in cobwebs, dust and oil before, in total frustration, I go off and buy something brand new that I know I already have... somewhere !
Nearly a year ago, Hobbies started selling a new range of organisers and desk tidies made by a company called Hobbyzone. They looked great in the photographs, and we were getting lots of good feedback from customers saying how pleased they were. I even started to recognise the same customers returning time and time again ordering even more new pieces. The best selling of them all is the Hobbyzone Workshop Benchtop Organizer, and I decided I needed one to save my sanity and to clean up the workspace in my garage. Here's how I got on.

The Hobbyzone Workshop Benchtop Organizer comes 'flat packed' for self-assembly, but do not fear. For those of you, like myself, who break out in a cold sweat at hearing the word 'flat-pack', because we remember frustrated evenings sweating over MFI wardrobes, thankfully, it's not like that anymore. All the parts are supplied in the box, the wood is precision laser-cut and it all slots together beautifully, requiring only the addition of some wood glue.

Looking at the instructions, I first laid out all the pieces and identified which parts went together.  

Looking like large jigsaw pieces, the three small drawers literally slotted together once PVA wood glue had been applied. 


The  large drawer has adjustable spacings which can be altered to suit your requirements or removed altogether.

 The upper roller is useful for hanging your scissors, tweezers, small clamps, etc.

The benchtop organizer has three shelves, each has different size holes which take small items such as drill bits, files, small paintbrushes etc.

Of course there's nothing to stop you from staining, painting, varnishing or customising yours to suit your tastes.

Once assembled, the Benchtop Organizer is ready for many years faithful service. You will definitely wonder how on earth you survived without one.

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  1. Great item ordered on Friday at 1pm and delivered Saturday at 9:15. Nicely CNC'ed parts. Took me about and hour to make and went together well. Currently drying and I will be protecting this with wax or something simular. The only down side is the paper roll holder that is small to put in kitchen roll and I wouldn't use this for sandpaper etc so wish I had brought the extra drawer and already considering ordering this. All in all a great addition to my workbench.