Thursday, 30 June 2016

Top Products For Artists And Craftists

There are many products that will make life easier and more productive for artists and craftists alike. A favourite item is the daylight lamp which is available in different guises; some with a magnifying glass, some folding or portable, while others clamp to a desk, or are floor standing.

The Lightcraft LED daylight long reach magnifier lamp provides a shadow-free, cool light which helps prevent eye-strain and is perfect for intricate tasks. 

Staying with the theme of lights, the Ultra-Slim Light Box by Lightcraft provides an easy way to trace designs and patterns. Use it for stencilling, embossing, quilting, calligraphy, lettering and even displaying slides or transparencies.$4-magnification/ultra-slim-led-light-box

The Hobbyzone range of desk tidies and organisers have recently been introduced, and they are as good as they look. The Hobbyzone paint station is great as a portable workspace solution, keeping your table clean while you work, and keeping your paints and brushes together. Perfect for all ages of artist.

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