Tuesday, 8 March 2016

The Magnificent Flying Machines

Take To The Skies Once More !
The new Magnificent Flying Machines range comprises balsa plane kits that actually fly !
Choose from iconic World War One and Battle of Britain airplanes, vintage civilian aircraft or even a couple of traditional sports fliers including a sports glider.

The Magnificent Flying Machines range has been created by design engineer and keen aero-modeller, Andrew Darby, all models in the range have real airframes, built up from laser-cut balsa sheet and strip parts, covered with lightweight model aircraft tissue to ensure the best possible flying performance.
Some older modellers will have great memories of building and flying rubber-powered balsa planes and this great new range will thrill and inspire a whole new generation to enjoy this fun, outdoor activity.


Model plane kits make terrific presents, they look great once built and offer hours of fun. As well as allowing you to learn new skills, you get a great sense of achievement when the model is complete.
 Just one final word of warning, they are addictive, and you may find you want to collect them all . . .