Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Build an Occre Albatros Schooner Model Ship - Start a Challenging new Hobby!

Occre 1:100 Scale Albatros Schooner Model Ship Display Kit

Schooners were ships used for different purposes, including coastguard work and the control of smuggling along the coast, as well as carrying out the functions of a small warship. 

This is an excellent model for introducing yourself to the art of ship modelling.

Lets take a look at some of the components, and the basic construction process:

Some main features of this impressive kit include: 

  • Double plank-on-frame, features laser-cut wooden parts. 
  • Accurately detailed fittings include boxwood blocks and deadeyes, brass eyebolts, rings and belaying pins, white metal winch and lifeboat, three diameters of rigging line and more. 
  • Eight antiqued metal cannon on serve as armament. Full complement of sails that are pre-sewn and ready to rig. 
  • Wooden display cradle and a metal nameplate.

The finished model in all its glory ! 

A magnificent display showpiece which will delight and impress friends and family alike

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