Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Hobbyzone Modular Workshop - Create Your Perfect Workspace !

The Hobbyzone Modular Workshop System allows organization of the workplace tailored to your own individual requirements. 
Simply measure the area of your desk or workbench, and then work out which modules will be of most use to you, whether it be stacks of drawer units, paint holders, work-in-progress display modules, paper towel holders or a combination of all of these.

To connect the modules simply use the magnets that are included. This allows you to rearrange the layout of modules as required.
The system has practically unlimited upgradeability, and you can add new modules easily to your workplace.

Your time is valuable, and is better spent doing your crafts and models.
So no more hunting for missing tools or brushes, because everything has a home. 
And no more knocking over paint or losing parts, because they won't be cluttering up your desk or falling off the table. 

The Hobbyzone Modular Workshop is ideal for Crafters, Modelmakers,  Artists, Warhammer Gamers, DIY, and anyone who needs a tidy, efficient, and visually amazing workspace.
Be the envy of friends, family, colleagues and fellow modellers.