Monday, 20 May 2013

Amazing water effects in your miniature model scenes

Creating Water for your Miniature Models

Using Deluxe Materials product 'Making Waves' which is a clear setting , water-based resin that holds its shape, even on verticle surfaces; and the product 'Solid Water' which simulates crystal clear still water, which sets solid, stays clear and durable for many years, it is possible to create waves, ripples, waterfalls and moving water effects in your models and landscapes.

Some examples which are shown here: 
  • A tap running in a kitchen sink so that the water is starting to overflow
  • A lion's head fountain
  • A garden water pump
  • A garden waterfall feature
  • A puddle on a windy day 

The creative possibilities are endless by using the following basic techniques with Making Waves; a product which can be coloured with water-based paints, or combined with Solid Water for deeper water. 

  Vertical flow of water
1. Draw in the Making Waves into a Pin Point syringe and attach the Pin Point needle

2. Making Waves can now make a vertical thread of water, for a fountain, a tap or a drip. Work downwards by gently pressing down on the plunger. Keep your touch light to prevent breaks and allow Making Waves to fall naturally. 

making waves flowing water effects  
3. This is the first thread from the lion's mouth which must be left to dry before applying further threads for texture and strength. (TIP: Keep the tip of the needle clean and dampen frequently in water)

4. Here we've already added a few further threads on top and around the first thread to give the effect of flowing water. You will see how it has all dried clear  (Tip: patch over any unwanted breaks with another thread of Making Waves)

Solid Water realistic model water effects
5. The trough is now being filled with Crystal clear Solid Water. Ensure it is measured accurately and mixed fully. Cover and allow 2 days to set. Here we are applying it inside the base of the Making Waves stream to give the very realistic effect of fast water bursting through stiller water.

Making Waves waterfall
6. Tumbling water on a garden waterfall: Use a comb to create uniform deep ripples over a base of Making Waves

Making Waves raindrops
7. Create raindrops by syringing small threads of Making Waves up from the surface of the Solid Water puddle. 

Use your imagination for creating running water, fountains, puddles and so much more. Making Waves makes it so easy.

These products can be purchased online or at the Hobbies Shop in Raveningham, Norfolk

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