Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A Hobbies customer lets us show off his wonderful Wooden Models

When Hobbies customer, John Hickman wanted to make something a bit special for his grandchildren, he browsed his trusty Hobbies Handbook, settling on the plans for building a realistic wooden Model Traction Engine. A real symbol of a bygone era, and suitable for children aged 5 years and over.

The resulting models impressed us enough to ask for some photographs that we feel sure will inspire readers to have a go themselves at this or one of the many plans and fittings on offer: vehicles such as a Toy Jeep, Land Rover, Trucks and a Toy Train Set are all robust, working toys that can be made by the enthusiastic beginner or professional hobbyist.

Thank you to Mr Hickman for these photos of his impressive models which his grandchildren are bound to be delighted with. 

We want to encourage readers to send in photographs of their own completed models.
Was it harder than you expected? Do you have any tips for someone else making the same model?
Send a brief outline of how you completed the model to


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