Friday, 19 July 2013

Rock Hard Aussie Truckers in Massive Trucks hauling Mega loads across Dangerous Terrain !


Dave's latest gripping reality program involves huge Australian trucks hauling their enormous cargo across the dangerous Australian outback, covering enormous distances on rugged and unsealed roads.
Megatruckers follows Jon Kelly and his frighteningly tough crew of drivers as they negotiate a fleet of shiny, chrome monsters across the treacherous Aussie Outback in a race to meet super-tight deadlines. 

Australian truckers need to equip their rigs with special modifications which includes a huge bull-bar or roo-bar, a sheet of wire mesh for windscreen protection, special dust filters, additional long range fuel tanks, heavy duty wheels, air conditioning and an array of different driving lights.

Australia is big and hot and dangerous! Only Jon Kelly would think transporting huge lorry loads of freight across such a challenging country was a good idea. In fact, the blue collar hero has made millions from Heavy Haulage Australia, the family business he built up from scratch. However, with ever-increasing competition, Jon’s not the type of guy to rest on his laurels.

 It’s turn-your-brain-off TV reality nonsense of the highest order. But for all the thrills and laughs, the super enormous trucks steal the show hands down!

New. We like trucking! Join Jon Kelly and his haulage company down under in this new Aussie reality series. In this first episode a busy Jon is forced to re-hire driver Chris, who he previously sacked.

Megatruckers starts at 11:00 am on Saturday, 20th July on Dave.

Italeri have introduced an excellent 1:24 scale model of an Australian 'Western Star' Truck which will produce an exact replica of one of these beasts. It makes a great present, or could introduce you to a fun, and fascinating new hobby.

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  1. Wow! I really love their trucks because those trucks are really using on heavy hauling. I would like to be like those haulers because I really love to haul heavy loads because I think it's really fun.