Friday, 2 August 2013

See the World in Miniatura !

If you have ever thought that dolls houses are only toys for children - think again! 

Dedicated dolls house collectors are almost exclusively adults, and discerning ones at that. They regularly travel across oceans and continents to meet, place orders with, and buy from craftsmen who make exquisite, perfectly scaled, museum quality, models in miniature.

Miniatura is a highly specialised visitor attraction event entirely dedicated to the amazing hobby of domestic modelling in 1/12th and related scales. The 'one-inch-to-the-foot' scale, as it has always been universally known, is now complimented by other related scales, namely 1/24th [half-scale] and 1/48th [quarter scale] and even 1/144th which enables dolls' houses to fit into dolls' houses.

Miniatura at the NEC Birmingham offers a centrally placed venue with excellent transport links by road, rail & air. There will not be a charge for parking. You can meet friends from many parts of the world. See the intricate detail of special one-off handcrafted pieces. Enjoy demonstrations & do a workshop. Get help and advice from specialists, and discover much more. 

Seeing is believing, and to see the incredible quality and intricate detail which goes into the production of each minute but almost unbelievably perfect miniature is an unforgettable experience. To make a miniature vase, carve a tiny oak chest, or create a small copper kettle,  it must be exactly to scale, therefore to begin, you would measure a normal size item - in inches - and divide by twelve, remembering to check the thickness of the edges, size of the handles, and the grain of the wood. To weave a miniature carpet, It must obviously lie flat when finished, have a design that has been reduced in scale, and be twelve times thinner that a normal carpet. Making all manner of accessories such as a glass bowl, or a pewter tankard, or even knitting a shawl or sweater in miniature all takes great skill and patience.

Some childhood fascinations never leave you, and whether you are 7 or 70, creating your own small world in a dolls house or miniature diorama is both great fun as well as hugely satisfying. Why not come along to the Autumn event at the NEC and see the wonderful work for yourself. Maybe try your hand at one of the short 'taster' workshops, watch a demonstration, talk to the talented craftsmen, see the magazines and books which can tell you so much more, and prepare to be amazed by this absorbing hobby which has changed so many peoples lives for the better since they discovered the magical Miniatura shows

Miniatura is one of the best places in the world to meet up with fellow miniature enthusiasts, to view and to buy some of the best miniatures craftsmanship available anywhere. It really is where the miniature world meets. Find out more about tickets and opening times

Here's a taster of what you can expect to find:

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